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What is work from home policy?

It has been almost 2 months of staying and working from home but still there are people wondering what this means. Here’s a brief sharing for today.

If your job and your company’s service enables and requires you to work from home, then this is what it means:

1. Be physically at your home where it's conducive to perform your work from home.

2. Stay available and contactable throughout your working hours, whether online or via phone.

3. Make sure you have good internet coverage so you can attend to meetings and conferences.

4. Take breaks and meals just as how you would’ve at office, but observe reasonable timing.

5. You have an obligation to your boss to ensure you report, reply emails, deliver your work by the timelines and commitments made.

6. Minimize family disruptions and noise when attending to work or your clients from home.

7. Prepare your family so they understand that you are working and not ignoring them.

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