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Muse HR: Are you prepared to retire?

Working life for many takes almost 2/3 of a lifetime. And when the time comes to lay the badge down to retire, it isn't always easy for most, causing anxiety and depression.

As a caring employer, companies should take the trouble to not only engage their teams during their work, but also prepare them for their retirement. Beyond financial schemes, companies may want to include emotional support and readiness for one to retire gracefully.

Here are 7 steps for a SMART retirement:

1. Who is the role model retiree?

2. Finding a new meaningful "course".

3. Develop an intellectual hobby.

4. Being responsible for your own life.

5. What's your leisure-time physical activity going to look like?

6. New social habits.

7. Comprehensive financial planning.

To learn more on SMART retirement online courses, email inquires to:


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