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Muse HR: Why do Talents leave us?

It can be frustrating to many bosses knowing that their best talents leave them or their Company. Let's see some of the reasons why they leave:

1. Because they are talented, others want to hire them too.

2. They look for a strong leadership, and if there is none, they look for others to work for.

3. They want to be treated and respected as part of the team.

4. They look for career advancement and growth.

5. They want equitable compensation and benefits that would attract them to work hard and stay on.

6. They want to be in an environment and culture that's inclusive and meaningful.

So if you want to retain your talents, you have to address some of the fundamentals needs:

1. Create a work culture that's inclusive and respect diverse ideas.

2. Compensate for performance and reward your top performers well.

3. Engage your talents via effective communication, projects and make them belong to your company.

4. Thank them for the hard work and commitment made.

5. Build your people management and leadership capability.

6. Provide continuous growth and training & development.

To learn more about Talent Management and Retention, email enquiries to:


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