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The Art of HRM

Trainer and Consultant of Muse Consultancy, Param Moorthi joins to discuss his new book, “The Art of Human Resource Management”, which looks at creative ways to manage human resources by focusing on the “how” versus the “what” that HR and People Managers need to focus in the new workplace paradigm. He also shares practical guides on how HR function has evolved along with businesses and how to apply certain critical skills in managing people and related issues more effectively.


The Global Philosophy and HRM, with Param Moorthi, Site HR Leader,

DELL Global Business Center

Param Moorthi speaks of the Dell-Soul and how they recruit and retain staff while empowering them with the tools & skill set.


Challenges in Training Single Moms

Simply Cookies is a social enterprise that offers single moms a chance of employment. Started in 2014, they now have a child-friendly central kitchen and have trained single mothers from baking to handling sales and account. Their cookies are available in Jaya Grocer, Village Groce and Ben’s Independent Grocer. However, as far as the founders’ passion go, they are facing issues to manage them. Param Moorthi from Muse Consultancy offers his two cents in handling HR.

1:20 - Challenges in running a social enterprises

2:42 - Selling a cause to consumers vs selling numbers to retailers

10:56 - Setting up an HR department and managing single moms

15:31 - Supply and demand for skills and goods - single moms in cookie production

17:12 - Bringing the right people in

24:15 - Setting up vision based on employees' needs


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