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Muse HR: What you should ask in an interview?

To begin with when interviewing for any positions it is critical to size up a candidate within 30-60 minutes of an interview and decide if the candidate should be shortlisted.

The best method of interviewing is to move into a behavioural based interview as in to ask questions which are experiential vs conventional close ended questions like, why are you applying for this job?

Below are some examples:

1. How would you describe your leadership style? Can you tell me about a time when you demonstrated leadership skills in your current or past workplace?

2. How do you ensure projects and tasks stay on schedule, describe the last project you led and what was the outcome?

3. What is your preferred way to handle disagreements and conflicts among your team members? What was the outcome of your approach?

Hiring Managers will surely have additional questions and will also share details of the position to assess the candidate’s interest. To learn more about Behavioural Interviewing skills, email inquires to:



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