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What is the role of a Manager?

Fundamentally, to get things done through others. If you're a people manager and you're still busy doing work 70% of your time, it means you have failed to trust, empower or lead your teams to do their jobs!

How do you effectively manage others? Simply by applying the P.O.L.C model. 1. Plan your work, ensure you have a roadmap on how you would perform by aligning with your company's goals. These roadmaps can be short term or a strategic one that may span for 3-5 years. 2. Organize your resources, whether it’s people, budget, tools or processes, everything must be aligned to complement your strategic plans. 3. Lead your teams by example. Set clear individual goals and KPI. Role model values that others can follow and learn. 4. Control your resources, so you can optimise and not waste. Especially your teams, manage their performance, regularly coach them and ensure you reward and recognise for the work done. And of course, don't shy from giving constructive feedback when they fail to perform.

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