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Tips for Conducting Effective Virtual Performance Review

People managers know that offering face to face feedback is probably the most ideal. Having a performance conversation naturally can be rather tricky, more so if you need to communicate a difficult message.

It’s April and for some organisations it is time for managers to communicate their team’s performance feedback. Due to Covid-19 crisis, it has to be communicated remotely. Here are some suggestions for an effective online feedback:

1. Set the meeting earlier, either Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams, ensure it’s locked in the calendar.

2. Document the performance feedback upfront and ensure it contains all the necessary information such as rating, focus areas, targets achieved and missed and most critically the development plan.

3. Host an online meeting with privacy, leave even your families out of the radar, as this can be quite embarrassing for the employee.

4. Take the below three step approach:

a) Talk about accomplishments first

b) Speak about the realities and missed performance

c) Suggest next steps and secure commitment to move on

5. If the performance leads to a Corrective Action, discuss details and suggest to send the CAP via email after the call. Allow employee to digest the message first.

6. Be objective and neutral. Never blame others, be it your boss or HR for the poor rating that you have to communicate.

7. Share clear examples and scenarios with facts and data

8. Treat employee with respect

9. Allow employee opportunity to ask clarifying questions, don't brush them off.

10. Suggest options for development

Good luck!

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