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The New Norm? Are we ready?

Some are rejoicing over the progressive ending of MCO. Some are concerned that relaxing MCO would cause a bigger wave & a disaster!

The question remains if we are really ready? Huge challenge for Malaysia’s government to balance between Health & Economic impact should MCO continues. There’s no cure yet & the virus is still out there. Almost every country who ended MCO came back with more cases recorded!

So what is a good time for businesses to get back to normal?

The real answer lies within us. Our new norm practising high hygiene standards & social distancing is key. Clearly this whole pandemic has thought us humans a good lesson. It's time for us to demonstrate certain values. Values that would enable us to adapt to change & promote agility.

Business strategies must include Community First & Social Responsibly apart from Sales & Profits. Malaysians in general, have to be citizens of high moral values who cares about our actions. We have to be sensitive of our actions moving forward. Not limiting to Covid-19, but holistically. We have to build upon our social ettiquettes at every level.

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