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The Employment Laws

The Employment Laws of Malaysia constitutes more than 10 Acts, including the Employment Act 1955 (Labor Act) & the Industrial Relations Act 1967. Similarly used in Sabah & Sarawak as the SLO in 1950's. Changes were made to complement the evolving industry & labor markets. It is to protect both Employees & Employers in maintaining Industrial Harmony.

In crisis, it's even more important for both sides to practice fairness & be considerate. Reasonable decisions must be made to continue operations & maintain employment.

Many companies, especially Hotels are closing down or exercising pay cuts & unpaid leaves. It's key that employees receive fair treatment in retrenchment benefits or other cost cutting measures.

Alongside, employees should be understanding that these are unprecedented times with looming recession. Be adaptive & reasonable in demands, be willing to consider other possible roles.

Affected employees may experience difficulty in being re-employed. Be ready to re-learn new skills & exercise frugal living. Hopefully the economy stimulus efforts by the Government will help promote business growth & job opportunities.

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