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People Managers with non-performers in their team.

Whether its Covid-19, Movement Control Order or Business as usual, non-performers must be dealt with appropriately to avoid legal issues and concerns. There is no two ways about it. In fact, it's crucial for Companies to only operate lean and with hi-performing teams during any crisis. So, ensure you don't ignore your non-performer(s). Several key actions you must take:

1. Document the performance gaps and ensure it is tied to the agreed KPI and goals

2. Provide warning letters for any kind of missed performance (ensure it’s timely). Example: Expected to work from home and meet deadlines, but staff is not responding during this MCO.

3. Offer them a clear and concise Corrective Action Plan (CAP). The corrective action includes:

a) Targets/KPI

b) Performance Gaps

c) Expected performance

d) Recovery actions

e) Timelines

4. Staff who are already on prolong CAP but is currently at home, can be considered as chronic performance failure. You can deal with them individually using proper actions.

5. Ensure you are in contact with your non-performers and don't condone their behaviors.






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