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Managers Development

There are mainly 3 types of managers; General Managers, Functional Managers & Frontline Managers.

General managers are responsible for the overall performance of an organization or one of its major departments or divisions.

Functional managers are responsible for core areas of a department or business unit.

Frontline Managers is a general term to describe managers who are closest to the core business processes of an organization. In many cases, this means customer-facing activities such as sales & customer service, Production or Manufacturing supervisors or even supply chain.

Ultimately all Managers require trainings & coaching so they can perform well in their roles. Types of training may differ but they can be decided based on the following: 1. Communication Skills 2. Emotional Intelligence 3. Goal Setting and Performance Management 4. Effective People Management Skills 5. Program and Project Management Skills.

Such skills are normally foundational. However to ensure trainings are effective, it's best to facilitate a Training Needs Assessment. Through a robust TNA, companies are able to prioritize & plan their training calendar & programs.

To learn more about Training Programs, Training Needs Assessment and HR Consulting, email inquires:


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