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Manage your time during this MCO

Managers not only have to work from home, but they have now become a chef, a carpenter, a plumber and for some the supply run person for groceries. 😂

Below are several tips for you to keep your willpower and sanity intact trying to balance work and home:

1. Set all your tasks in order of priority

2. Identify these tasks and stack rank them based on urgency and importance

3. Prioritise your top 3 actions based on this urgent and important list and start executing them one by one

4. After each task is completed, strike them off your list and move on the the next one.

5. Repeat your priority list again each time your tasks are completed.

6. Remember to include your "me time" into the list so you get your personal time to exercise, have a break, do some stretching or yoga.

Remember, work will always be there for you, you just need to identify what's most significant to be done each day. Value your work and your time and become more organized. You won't lose focus and won't be overwhelmed with the amount of work at hand.

Stay focused and be a champion Manager!


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