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HR Analytics

With the increasing demand towards Digital Transformation & Artificial Intelligence, there is a bigger need for Human Resources to be measured analytically especially when it comes to people & their measure of performance.

HR Analytics is the process of collecting & analyzing data related to an organisation’s workforce. This HR Analytics is then used to improve an organization's workforce performance.

The process can also be referred to as talent, people or workforce analytics.

There are 5 key steps to digitising your HR & leveraging the use of HR Analytics:

1. Centralise & digitise your employee database.

2. Create a HR Dashboard encompassing all key areas of measure & KPI.

3. Build in-house HR staff analytical capabilities.

4. Put HR Analytics into practice, transformation from legacy practices toward digitisation in reporting.

5. Drive continuous improvement. Enable a process towards eliminating unwanted data or “info obesity” & use of correct statistics during performance measures.

To learn about HR Transformation, HR Analytics & Organization Design, email:


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