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How to keep your team Engaged & Motivated during RMO?

1. Human being in general live in clusters of societies. They need one another to feel loved and cared. In general when they are confined from other people, they may feel down as they have little interactions from other colleagues and friends.

Companies should continue to engage their staff virtually and regularly. Use the various technologies available to communicate. A simple Face Time, Conference Call and WhatsApp VC & Messages can go a long way.

2. Send your staff a surprise "Thank You" note if they are doing a good job from home or had completed an assignment.

3. Set up a virtual Town Hall and communicate updates on how business is doing and how to manage their work. Update on Covid19 and emphasise how they should take care of themselves to remain safe.

4. Extend help financially (if possible) and support your staff morally. There are families needing financial help during this critical times. Channel them to banks and institutions offering financial aids.

5. Be sincere. Understand that your staff didn't ask for this situation. It's not their fault that there’s an overall slow down in businesses. Make them know that the company cares, that you care. You will bounce back stronger!


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