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Helpful HR Insights on Covid19 Outbreak

Malaysia PM made the announcement about a temporary "Restricted Movement Order" between 18-31 March 2020.

In response to this, many companies are not sure how to manage their business for the next two weeks. There are too many perimeters to look at.

Here are some tips to consider:

1. Provide work from home arrangements from 18-31 March with full pay.

2. Technical and operational roles which cannot be performed from home, may mean a temporary shut down of operations. Unfortunately, companies may need to absorb the costs during this time.

3. Do note, the Restricted Movement Order is imposed for a reason and is not under the Employment Act rather under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 1988 (PCIDA) and the Police Act 1967 (PA).

4. Companies are advised to continue to pay salary and wages during this period as a Socially Responsible Corporate citizens and to avoid disputes.

5. This is not a paid holiday, for those working from home, it's your obligation to deliver your work as expected without being at workplace.

Disclaimer: These are personal view and suggestions, Employees and Employers may use your judgement in making decisions. Email us for HR Helpful Insights on Covid19 Outbreak at


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