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Back to Work Syndrome Anyone?

It’s coming to 2 months of staying at home due to MCO. Some can't wait to get back to office & some are enjoying the flexibility of working from home with no motivation to get back to office.

Whichever the case, it's back to work for many, an undeniable fact to be accepted. One can imagine, just like the school holidays are over, traffic picks up, early morning rush, lunch at the pantry & of course the parking chaos!

Some tips for you to get back to work seamlessly, like a rockstar performer:

1. Reset your biological clocks. Get to & out of bed early, as you would before MCO.

2. Get an early morning exercise & your cup of coffee/tea to jump start the day.

3. Organize your work clothes, backpacks, car & office keys, lanyard & access cards.

4. Inform your family that you're getting back to work. Encourage your children to transition into their normal school & college routines while continuing to stay at home.

5. Sort out any home repairs that you promised your spouse you would fix. Get it done quickly.

6. Get your sanitizers, masks & protection gears ready. Exercise personal distancing & follow SOP.

Good luck returning to work & be a rock star performer!

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