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What is Warehouse Management?

Warehousing refers to the effective oversight of operations in a warehouse. This includes receiving, tracking and storing of inventory. Warehouse management is another core element in the overall Supply Chain Management.

As a Warehouse Manager, one needs to know how to manage shipping, workload planning, logistics monitoring of goods and also staff training and skills development.

The 6 core skills to be effective in Warehouse Management are:

1. Establish safety and seamless warehousing standards and compliances.

2. A good understanding in warehouse management processes, softwares and systems.

3. Being responsive towards automation and smart warehouse practices.

4. A detailed understanding in warehouse layout planning and administration.

5. Analytical and quick decision making skills especially related to inventory management.

6. An eye for continuous improvement and staff training.

To learn more about Warehousing Management and Skills Development, email: your inquiries to


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