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What is Manufacturing Excellence?

Achieving world-class stature, being the best of the best. Having core abilities and well defined processes to provide high quality, competitively priced products and services in a global marketplace.

The baseline to achieving Manufacturing Excellence is compelled by the principles of Lean Management and it's theories.

Here are some fundamentals in achieving manufacturing excellence at your workplace:

1. Introduce and apply Lean Management. Eliminate wastes and optimise your operations capability.

2. Workers to own accountability of their machines and tools to safely perform the functions that they are used for. When there is ownership, there is focus towards self excellence.

3. Apply and properly setup Shingo and Kanban principles and strive for continues improvement and control.

4. Total Productive Maintenance, drive towards 0% equipment failures.

5. Digitisation and Automation, minimises variances, optimise operational capabilities.

6. Introduce clear metrics and machine measures to keep close track of progress.

To learn more about Manufacturing Excellence, Lean and TPM, email your inquiries to:


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