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Training Needs Assessment

“Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime.”

Training is a continuous process and there will be no end to it. Therefore, it's important for organizations to continuously train employees in new areas of expertise. Refresher training to keep knowledge updated and train minds to be critical is equally important.

The investment made in training can be quite significant, therefore we must know if each program or training conducted is bringing the desired outcome and ROI. That's why Training Effectiveness Assessment is key.

How can we assess the success of a training program and how would we able to know if employees who attended certain programs have now mastered a new skill?

Here are some key assessment approaches: 1. Employee Reaction and assessment - what learners think and feel about the program they attended 2. Knowledge Retention - how well have these employees retained and applied the learning to increase efficiency and/or reduce costs in the workplace? 3. Changed Behaviours - can we observe a changed behaviour in how the trainees are behaving post training? 4. Productivity improvement - do the employees perform better when it comes to productivity, quality and yield after training? 5. Performance Results - are the trained staff showing an improved performance results in their workplace?

To learn about Training Needs Assessment, Training Effectiveness Assessment and Development Programs for your Teams, email

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