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Training Needs Analysis

Training and Development is crucial for any company to ensure their staff acquire new skills and continue to grow align with the changes in technology, industry and competition.

Whilst some companies invest hugely in their staff training and development, some chose to be frugal with the worry that the investment would go to waste. That's why, the Training Needs Analysis is key before executing any training programs.

The TNA is a process in which the company identifies training and development needs of its employees so that they can do their job effectively. In Muse Asia, we adopt the STAR model when facilitating our TNA for our clients, as it's more precise, relevant and flexible to make adjustments.

Below are simple steps to facilitate a Training Needs Assesment (TNA): 1. Review of current and future Business Strategies. 2. Understand the People Competency Needs and Gaps 3. Interview and facilitate focus groups to further validate the findings. 4. Prioritize the Skills that is required for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced skills for the different levels of the organisation. 5. Schedule your training calendar and source for the most reliable training partner who can execute the programs.

To learn more about TNA, Online and Onsite Training programs, email your inquiries to:


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