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Termination for Non Performance and Misconduct

In recent weeks, we hear news about employees being laid off or terminated. The stress caused to the impacted employees are extreme in the current climate caused by the pandemic. The mental stress of such agonising news about terminations can cause many adverse reactions.

HR managers have a crucial role to play when facilitating these terminations. They have to consider the repercussions of any of the actions taken by their Company to both protect the employer and the employee.

Here are some tips about Terminations: 1. Always have a detailed and documented case management process in place. 2. Stay objective and respectful to the employee concerned. 3. Follow the employment laws and governance in holding off pays or executing non or partial paid leaves. 4. Guide and coach your business leaders throughout decision making process. Don't execute blindly without weighing in the pros and cons of any decision. 5. Use emotional intelligence when communicating with the employee. No one is to be treated with malice or in bad faith. 6. Be courteous and mindful during this current crisis.

People around the world are generally undergoing unprecedented times and mental health issues are rising. It is important for HR leaders to ensure and maintain a positive work relationship and industrial harmony at the workplace.

To learn more about Terminations, Unlawful dismissals and Employment Law trainings, email inquires to:


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