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SOP Compliant Team Building

Team building is a strategically planned & well thought out activities to enhance social relations & define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks.

It's critical to recognise the need for constant engagement & motivation among team members to remind them of the organisation’s core values & strategies via an informal & inclusive setting.

Today, teambuilding programs have become even more creative especially now that we have to adhere to our new norms on physical distancing. Well, nothing is impossible if we plan & organise these activities creatively & with the SOP in place.

Below are some suggestions:

1. Always go back to the objectives. Whatever activities we do, ensure it’s meaningful & serves a purpose to the big picture.

2. Select right set of activities & trainers who can deliver to the needs of the participants & organisation.

3. Design & customise activities that would encourage emotional & social connection, while minimising the need for physical contacts.

4. Use digital & technology based games that would encourage critical & creative thinking among participants.

5. Be proactive in managing your stakeholders. Understand your client needs & perspective & stay aligned with the planned outcome.

To continuously engage your staff & promote well being during this critical time, send your inquiries on how we can help you creatively plan your SOP based teambuilding prorgam to:


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