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Should bosses be respected or feared?

In the early days of world's history, most leaders concurred and ruled because of strength and fear vs respect. The honour was forcefully granted through position and power.

In the current era, do bosses lead by fear or an earned respect?Despite history showing otherwise, leading via a fearless and inclusive workplace drives far more engagement and support from employees. An organisation using authority and power hinders natural commitment and the love for one’s job. With little possibility to grow, employees have options and would soon leave you behind for a better leadership.

Here is how Bosses can lead by example and gain respect by their teams:

1. Stay abreast of things from all aspects of your business.

2. Be punctual and role model positive work behavious.

3. Be courteous and apply emotional intelligence in leading your teams.

4. Be physically and emotionally fit and make sound inclusive decisions.

5. Get comfortable to admit being wrong, admit mistakes, respect others and listen to their views and ideas.

Being a leader is like being in a movie 24/7, having your actions being watched all the time. Bosses who are great leaders demonstrate a behavior that promotes psychological safety and respect at workplace.

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