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Remote Management

COVID-19 or not, when you have people dispersed in matrix reporting structures in a global work environment, it can be quite challenging and sometimes frustrating.

It becomes more complex when you are in different times zones, with cultural differences and not really knowing the country’s laws and norms.

Here are some tips for remote managers to better engage your team members who are located across regions:

1. Have regular and scheduled 1x1 meetings to understand your staff's needs.

2. Understand the culture and laws of the country where you have people working in. Most information is made available online.

3. Speak to your host/home country leaders regularly so they can assist in supporting your remote teams.

4. Have good engagement with the host/local site HR Managers so they can help advise you on HR and Legal practices.

5. Make yourself available and be willing to share about your expectations and work styles to your remote teams so they know how to better manage you.

6. Be informed, don't judge or depend on hearsay when making decisions about your remote teams.

To learn more about Remote Management, Employee Engagement and Inclusiveness, email your queries to:


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