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Relationship at Work?

Getting along with people at workplace makes work life a better experience. Workplace relationships have an impact on job satisfaction, learning and applying our skills, staff turnover, morale, taking time off, and even improve our own quality of life. It's also equally important for teamwork.

How can you build positive relationships with your colleagues, team mates, bosses and others at workplace? Here are some tips:

1. Be respectful, treat others like the way you want others to treat you. It's a mirror effect.

2. Be open and honest with your communication.

3. Show appreciation and recognise people around you.

4. Be a team player, participate and be inclusive in workplace events and activities.

5. Role model workplace values, code of conduct and be complimentary of ethics and corporate governance.

6. Be an effective People Manager, always apply EQ .

7. Be a great listener!

To learn more about Psychological Safety, People Management and Workplace Engagement, email inquiries to:


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