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Psychological Safety:Enabler for building High Performing Teams.

If you do not feel safe in a group, you are likely to keep ideas to yourself & avoid speaking up. If mistakes are held against you, naturally you tend to take the safer route of not trying instead of learning & improving from it.

Low psychological safety therefore, gets in the way of team performance, innovation, learning & personal success.

Here are some tips for Leaders to build psychological safety with their teams:

1. Awareness about your self & the rest of the team. When you know your team personally, you create opportunity for building trust.

2. Build a culture of encouragement vs blame game. No finger pointing but rather encourage ownership.

3. Nip negativity in the bud. When you notice any member being negative, address it immediately.

4. Encourage diversity & inclusion in your team, especially during decision making process.

5. Encourage 360 degree feedback, assess & understand the team needs & yours.

6. Be the champion of agreed teams core values. These values become behaviour in each team member.

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