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Practice Mindfulness, Stand Out at Work.

Excelling at work requires more than just showing up & doing what you're told. If you want take your career to the next level, whether trying to get a raise or to impress your team, you need to be mindful on how to stand out at work.

Obviously one should show up on time, be polite & get tasks done efficiently, in addition there are a number of simple habits that can really help you shine.

Here are some tips for you to exercise:

1. Be an effective communicator

2. Establish positive relationship with your peers & team mates, extend the same positivity to out of office circle too.

3. Anticipate your team’s needs, be proactive & resourceful.

4. Be a team player, don’t just win alone. Remember, you can only go far together.

5. Dress up, so you feel confident at work.

6. Keep your handphones away during meetings & discussions. Be attentive, present & participate.

7. Have a sense of humour, happiness is contagious. Life can be hard, we all have our struggles. Complain less & share laughter. A good humour is a great way to bond!

Learn more about being mindful & how to be effective at work.

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