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Positive company culture, Challenging status quo & Psychological Safety

Well, that’s just how we do things here.

It’s how we’ve always done it!

It’s best that you don’t rock the boat.

Sounds familiar?

If you speak about process improvement & challenging of status quo in your new hire’s onboarding & later ask them not to rock your boat, then you're not open for new ideas, suggestions or breakthrough improvement.

Challenging status quo is not about taunting the boss or making it difficult for others. It's the process of questioning "why" to certain things that's been put in place as practice & exploring “why not”. Change is often unwelcome & challenging status quo may bring about resistance.

So how do we encourage a positive environment that promotes continues improvement?

Here are 5 tips:

1. Create an environment of inclusiveness - “it's not my job & therefore it's not my business” mindset cannot support new ideas.

2. Job security - organisations must complement new ideas, don't cause issues or worriedness towards job security of those who challenge the status quo.

3. Idea bank - there is no idea which is a bad idea, it's just an idea not possible for the current time or situation. Listen to all suggestions & create a depository of idea banks for reference.

4. Avoid Boomerang - when a team member gives a new or fresh ideas, don't circle it back as an additional action or added work for the person. Enable the idea & ask for recommendations for improvement.

5. Reward - every new idea or implemented suggestions deserve a recognition. If this is done among others, it would only encourage more people to follow & give more thoughts towards bigger improvements.

Learn about positive company culture, challenging status quo & psychological safety, email:


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