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Muse HR: What is an Employment Handbook?

An employment handbook, also referred as manual or employment guide, is a document which defines a company's history, vision, mission, products, key policies and procedures that outlines the company culture.

Simply put, an employment handbook helps assimilate a new employee and defines how the company, the employee and management works together in harmony to achieve its common goal.

Here are reasons why the Company's Employment Handbook requires attention and update:

1. Keeping it current and relevant to current workplace changes and environment.

2. Ensure the latest government policies and laws are updated.

3. Ensure the content is applicable to the work dynamics and workers demography.

4. Evolve along with business and competition changes to stay relevant and competitive.

5. Include newer policies and procedures which may not be available in the past, example: "Work from Home", "Remote Management", "Virtual Trainings and Performance Management".

If you need help with your Employment Handbook and Professional assistance with HR Audits and Policy reviews, email us for a free quote:


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