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Muse HR: What is a Talent Interview?

There is a difference between a Talent Acquisition (TA) Interview vs a Talent Interview. Most organisations use the word "talent" quite loosely.

When a TA interview is conducted, it's normally a job interview by the TA team, to assess a candidate’s competency and suitability for a job in a company. Whereas a Talent interview is an interview by the Senior Management and the Talent Manager to review top performers’ future contribution and potential to succeed other critical positions. Normally the list of talents for such an interview is derived from their performance reviews. The cream of the crop typically would make up around 20% of of the company’s population.

Talent interviews are important for the following reasons:

1. To assess if the talent can perform equally well in a new and bigger position

2. To assess if the talents themselves are interested to move or take up different positions

3. To select the most ready candidate for the most relevant succession plan

4. To identify if the talent now would be willing to be a future People Manager

5. To ensure that the right kind and development actions be taken for these talents to build their career progression and retention

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