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Muse HR: Is Training an Investment or a waste of money?

Many successful organisations constantly invest in training and development. However, there are also companies who find, little or no ROI in trainings and conclude that training people is a waste of time and money.

In reality, if done right, training and people development is a key integral part of HR intervention to drive a high performing culture in a company. To start off right is to do a Training Needs Assesment that would clearly outline a strategic and clear training plan.

Here are the key 5 steps (ADDIE Model) in doing Training Needs Assesment:

1. Assess and Analyse your company's, department and employee training needs and competencies need for continued future success.

2. Design the training plan based on the analysis.

3. Develop a training plan with clear Competency Development Framework.

4. Implement a training plan with a scheduled calendar based on the priorities for the company, department and individuals.

5. Evaluate the success of your training interventions. Evaluate each module & trainer and assess employee’s progress in work and performance.

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