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Muse HR: How to start the year right at the workplace?

In 2021, we all have an opportunity to reset our work clocks and start fresh. Whether in your new role, new company or new goals, what's important is that it's a brand new year!

To start off on the right foot, here are some things you can do to shine in 2021:

1. Set your own goals. Be inspired to achieve them by end of this year.

2. Review and analyse what you did well last year and what you failed to accomplish.

3. Identify new skills you wish to acquire this year and get a learning plan.

4. Be mindful of your reputation at work. Set a positive tone and vibe with people around your workplace.

5. Cut the slacking off at work! Yes, you had enough of those, work harder and smarter in 2021.

6. Expand your professional and social network. Leverage sharing and learn from these groups.

To learn more about being effective as a professional or acquiring new skills, email your inquiries to:


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