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Muse HR: How to experience an effective Remote Online Training?

Given the current pandemic situation, more and more organisations are wondering how to keep their employees trained, motivated and engaged.

One of the solutions is to provide training and teambuilding programs virtually via remote online workshops. While there are much resistance to change to embrace online training from clients and trainers, there are organisations which have been bold to capitalise technology and promote better training and engagement experiences during WFH.

Here are some tips for a better remote online training experience:

1. Identify the training needs first. Ensure the problem statement can be solved via training or perhaps increase motivation.

2. Identify reputable and experienced training providers who can complement and understand your problem statement. The right training provider is able to conduct remote online learning effectively, ensuring participants are engaged throughout the session.

3. Establish clear training outcomes and enable the trainer to design and customise online learning program that is suitable.

4. Schedule the workshop earlier and ensure participants are available and adequately prepared in terms of tools and internet access to focus on their learning.

5. Enable a platform that's stable and interactive during the remote online session.

6. Evaluate the learning experience and discuss next steps with employees and trainers for a thorough follow up.

To learn more about Remote Online Training workshops and teambuilding programs, email inquires to:


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