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Muse HR: How to do Strategic Organisational Design?

Organisations need to continuously evolve and stay relevant in the industry. Success of organisations depends hugely on how strategic they are designed so they can achieve their business goals and objectives.

One of the key ways to ensure an organisation achieves it’s optimum level of performance is by leveraging on one key HR strategic model call STAR.

The STAR Model consists of five areas that is connected and aligned to successfully shape the decisions and behaviors of an organisation. Here are the five key areas:

1. The Business Strategy - the center of the overall Organisational design.

2. Organisation Structure - a lean and optimised structure.

3. Processes - determine the flow of information and decisions in the organisation to ensure seamless implementation.

4. Rewards - merit and performance based that ultimately motivates the staff to achieve their set goals and KPI.

5. People - the most crucial and probably the most challenging is to hire, engage, retain, develop and grow the right people for the right jobs.

This HR business model is placed as the center of gravity that enables all Organisational desired changes and design.

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