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Muse HR: How to develop an effective and continuous development program for your employees?

There are a few things that is a constant need for all employees, a good career, a great and understanding boss, wellbeing, promotions and above all, continuous growth and development. Such growth may happen in many ways including:

1. Lateral moves and exposure.

2. On the job learning, be it technical, machinery, engineering, soft and people managerial skills.

3. A good buddy, who helps the employee accelerate and learn their jobs to be a great performer.

4. A mentor who can share best practices and ideas to grow.

5. A well planned training and development curriclum, that would not only identify and address the current skill gaps but also that supports continuous learning and development of the employee.

Most of the above recommendations can be achieved internally, but the last one may require a good training partner who masters the process and can recommend the best programs that's customised to the companies needs, values and culture.

To learn more about your Competency Skills Matrix and Training programs, email inquires to:


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