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Mindfulness & Executive Presence

At the dawn of a new era in Industrial Revolution 4.0, the world is getting more connected than ever. Innovations are mushrooming, impacting the ways humans live, work, play & communicate. Life has become faster, earlier, more productive & convenient.

However with the new ways of life forming daily, volatility, uncertainty, complexity & ambiguity (VUCA) linger in the air. Stress level is on the rise. We are bombarded with information every second of the day. The convenience of every smart gadget that links us to the world of activities & productivity demand our attention all the time. Moreover the news of ‘robots are replacing humans’, ‘jobs & businesses are disappearing’ flames the emotion of an uncertain future.

In the midst of these uncertainties how do we find rest & inner peace? How do we relate & engage with one another at a deeper level & not be distracted?

Being mindful & present is a valuable ability today. Being aware of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, people around us & the surrounding environment. Being aware of both the easy & the difficult, the painful & the joyful.

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