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Managing your Boss

The baseline relationship between a boss and an employee is the Employment Contract. It’s a foundational expectations between both parties so they can work together as a team and maintain a positive and harmonious work relationship.

However, it's important for team members to learn to manage their bosses as much as they expect their managers to lead them accordingly.

Here are several tips if you want to have a positive engagement with your boss:

1. Be a team player and contribute to solving problems, not a problem creator.

2. Stay calm even when everything around you is in a state of chaos. Bosses notice those who are well grounded.

3. Don't blame others especially your peers but always hold yourself accountable.

4. Set up healthy work habits including showing up for meetings on time. Simple self worth practices would take you a long way.

5. Never give excuses, your bosses would probably know you may slack a little but be honest, admit, unlearn and relearn.

In most aspects bosses are merely waiting to help you succeed, it's just several steps on your side too. To learn more about Managing Your Boss, email:


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