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“It Appeared That Better Teams Were Making More Mistakes, Not Fewer!”


Amy Edmondson, Author of The Fearless Organization.

1. A young pilot notices that his senior officer might have made a crucial misjudgement during a military training flight but chooses to let it go for fear of speaking against authority;

2. A nurse on the night shift notices that the dosage for a particular patient seems a bit high. Remembering the disparaging comments about her abilities or rather inabilities from her last experience calling the doctor on call, she decided not to check, fearing for the same to happen. She gets the med and head towards the patient;

3. A senior executive who has been recently hired into a top management team chooses not to say anything against the rest of the team despite having grave reservations about a planned take over;

If you face continuous uncertainty and rely on team interdependence, then you need to instill the belief of a "Fearless Organization" in your company. Psychological Safety (i.e.: letting up on the brakes!) is the relationship between the following four core zones:

1. The Apathy Zone (Z1)

2. The Anxiety Zone (Z2)

3. The Comfort Zone (Z3)

4. The Learning Zone (Z4)

Achieving the highest scores in the Learning Zone (Z4) is a way of empowering people to display their real selves, as a continuous learner, who is willing to take risks. To have their voices heard without fear of being criticized.

To learn more about creating a Culture of a Fearless Organization and Challenging Status Quo, email your inquiries to:


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