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Is HR impacted by IR 4.0?

Noting the fast digitisation of businesses and the formation of Smart Factories, it's inevitable for HR to not be part of the digital transformation.

For the most part, some leaders fear that digitising their company, especially HR would only mean more people would be jobless, and that would include HR itself.

However, failing to digitise would potentially cause larger impact, including losing out business completely to competitors who are more technology advanced.

If we focus on the advantages, there are plenty of things HR can achieve through digitisation. Here are a few:

1. Faster and more focused hiring, using Artificial Intelligence.

2. More customised rewards scheme due to the ability to understand and analyse preference using technology.

3. More robust HR metrics and scorecards. This is probably the pain point for many HR practitioners.

4. Employee self service enables immediate access to critical information across the organisation.

5. Employee database with ability to update more accurately and timely.

6. High possibility for HR Strategic Business Partnering, as most of the mundane & operational duties are taken over by robots and technology.

To learn more about HR Digital Transformation, email your inquiries to:


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