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Human Resources Transformation

The Industrial Revolution 4.0 has impacted how organisations operate. The emergence of Digitisation, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence in the workplace requires HR to go through some form of transformation. HR services need to operate lean and with strategic focus towards building business capability.

Sunsetting transactional & operational roles and embracing digital transformation is key. In HR 4.0 transformation, the need to humanise HR services, processes and tools is vital. Business cannot afford to lose human and emotional connection just because of the digitally offered self services. The human touch and feel continues to be significant even when it is a virtual engagement.

Here are some pointers to humanise HR4.0 (Digital Transformation):

1. Nurture inclusion at the workplace, encourage employee input and ideas when designing corporate culture.

2. Personalise career progression and employee development programs.

3. Revamp Performance Management process from individual performance towards team winning.

4. Humanise Business Processes accross the company. Choose an agile approach in integrating people, process and technology.

5. Use innovative ideas in humanisation of attracting and retaining talents.

6. Lead by example, setting the right tone accross the company by the leaders and HR teams.

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