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HR Digital Transformation, is it an Investment or Wastage?

One may wonder, if it's even an option not to be digitally transformed. The recent turn of events, especially the global pandemic has proved that the need to manage our teams virtually & remotely is without choice. How do we continue to lead & engage our teams, if our teams are going to be working from home for a longer period of time or even permanently? How so we manage new hire onboarding, training or even do performance reviews from home?

As a matter of fact, whether it's an investment or wastage really depends on the outcome of the digital transformation. Here are several key questions that needs to be addressed: 1. What's the objective of this Digitial change? 2. Would it improve our speed, performance and employee experiences? 3. Would digitalisation of HR tools and systems enable more productivity & encourage managers to be self sufficient? 4. Would digitalisation enable our HR leaders to be more strategic? 5. By digitising HR, would the business benefit from simplified HR solutions?

If the answer is yes, then HR Digitisation would bring enormous value. On the contrary, if this change causes confusion, additional work for the sake of being digital or the employees and your managers are not buying into digital technology, then indeed it's going to cause lots of wastage, money & time.

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