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How to manage your supply chain to avoid crisis?

In recent months, we hear that supply chain was broken because there were closed borders and MCO worldwide.

Despite some of the essential services were experiencing increased demand in sales, there are those who were not able to deliver their goods & services to their clients because they could not get suppliers, raw materials & the services needed to produce & manufacture.

So how do we avoid such crisis? A positive vendor and Supply Chain management goes a long way.

Here are several tips for organizations to manage their vendors:

1. Understand the needs of your supplier. What's important to them?

2. Share your goals and expectations, make your vendors feel like they’re part of your business.

3. Be a great customer. Think about what you love about your customers and do the same for your suppliers.

4. Don't assume, communicate openly.

5. Provide timely feedback

6. Choose suppliers who understands and are align to your values

7. Mutual trust and loyalty goes a long way

To learn more about Supply chain management and building positive supplier relationships, email to:


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