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How to keep your Teams positive during Crisis?

Everyone’s situation is different, during trying times such as the current pandemic, we each have different challenges to deal with. We are continuously facing countless ambiguity and uncertainties. Nobody knows how the pandemic might play out in 2021 and beyond.

As an organisation, there’s a need for business continuity. Apart from managing clients, stakeholders and supply chain, you have to pay extra attention towards your teams.

Below are some tips for Managers in keeping a close and positive engagement with your employees:

1. Constant reinforcement that your company and you care for each team member. You have to demonstrate this more then ever now, via phone/video calls, or simply by walking around to their workstations and let them know you’re there for them. 2. Take opportunity of this time to reflect what has worked well during a crisis in the past. Host townhalls so you can recognise past successes and how the team can continue to be successful while facing the pandemic going forward. 3. Provide options, whether to enable continuous WFH, flexible work hours or possibilities in getting work done in newer ways. 4. Provide trainings, virtually or on site. It can be done as long as you observe the strictest SOP. Leverage technology where possible. 5. Run virtual team bonding sessions, be it a luncheon, a virtual treasure hunt or even a team building program. All that’s needed is the positive spirit, wifi and a laptop.

There are many creative ways in keeping a positive team in your company. If you need assistance in designing and running a virtual team development or training program, send your inquiry to:


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