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How can you be an effective People Manager?

Managing people can be the most challenging thing at workplace. Each individual has different motivations, needs and personalities and that makes the People Manager job even more complex.

It's important to spend time with your staff so to better understand and effectively manage them. Remember, it's never "one shoe fits all" when managing diverse team members.

Here are some tips that would assist you as a People Manager:

1. Set clear goals and define the staff’s job scope, so they know exactly what's expected from them.

2. Always be consistent and remain objective when managing people.

3. Public recognitions and private reprimands are the right way to deal with inconsistent performance.

4. Encourage ideas and be open to staff inputs and opinions when making decisions.

5. Remain transparent and compliment your team’s efforts in getting their jobs done.

To learn more about People Management skills, email:


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