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"How are you feeling today?"

Some of us may be going through a series of emotional roller-coaster. Our motivation goes up & down based on our surroundings & situations.

Hence, companies must constantly provide a booster of motivation for their teams. Motivation boosters are injected regularly or whenever required to keep the momentum & morale high.

Tips on motivation boosters: 1. Have Daily Meets - teams gather for a pep talk, recognise efforts & set stage for the day. 2. Try a little MBWA - the famous management by walking around. Get out to the plant floor regularly & identify areas for recognition. 3. Write a personalised "Thank You" note & surprise your team members. Simple yet effective way to boost morale. 4. Giving gifts & rewards to your team members may seem like spoiling them for some. Why not print theme team t-shirts or share customised coffee mugs that's unique for your teams. It creates a sense of belonging. 5. Organise regular teambuilding programs for your teams. Get them to unwind & have fun with their team mates.

Such morale boosters is prevalent during this pandemic to keep teams engaged & motivated. Try out our popular Virtual Teambuilding - we promise you it’s not about a group of people staring at the screen! Email


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