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Goal Setting

In Human Resources Management, one of the key responsibility is to drive people capability towards peak performance. In order to do that, companies must have a proper system and process for a robust Performance Management System that ensures setting of Goals.

These goals are translated into Key Performance Indicators which are then cascaded top down across the company and all departments.

One of the known tools to use to set the right goals correctly is the S.M.A.R.T Goal Setting method. The details are as below:

1. Specific - goals set must be specific

2. Measurable - it must be measurable so progress can be tracked

3. Achievable - goals set must be realistic & attainable, not overboard just to make it look impressive on paper or in the system.

4. Relevant - goals must be relevant to company’s vision and mission

5. Time bound - they must be achieved in a specified period, for example, in a year or month or quarter.

To learn about Goal Setting and KPI Management for your team, email us at


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