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Firing an employee should be a last resort

Terminating an employee for whatever the reason should be a last resort. Firing someone isn't a pleasant experience for HR or Management, but there are times when it has to be done out of necessity.

What you should consider before deciding to terminate an employee:

1. Coach them, not all employees are bad employees, they may just need some guidance to become better.

2. Connect them with a buddy, a high performing peer who can coach and share successful traits.

3. Place them on Performance Improvement Plan (PIP), set expectations and follow up on progress status.

4. Send them for Training, make them competent so they can perform better in their jobs.

5. Transfer and assign them to duties that could be more suitable for them, sometimes it could purely be a job mismatch.

But, let's face it -- terminating an employee is like invasive surgery and therefore should be a last resort. It may be the "least bad" choice, but it's never a GOOD choice. No matter how much you need it, it is going to cause trauma and involve serious risk.

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