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Developing an Industrial Relations Strategy.

Your organisation may face one of the following three situations: 1. Some employees already belong to a trade union - this means your organisation may be described as “unionised”, or 2. None of the employees belong to a trade union and currently do not appear to be interested in forming or joining a union, or 3. None of the employees belong to a trade union but there are rumours that this situation may change in the near future as some workers have expressed a wish to join a union.

Human resource (HR) practitioners must advise senior management on the best practices relating to industrial relations. Your recommendations will depend upon the current situation that you are facing, as described above.

Learn more about Maintaining Industrial Harmony in your organisation through Employee Engagement. HRDF Claimable. #FiringUpPeople #industrialrelationsmalaysia #trainingprovider #leadershipworkshop


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