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Change Management Is Critical

Navigating the implications of the Covid19 pandemic is indeed unprecedented. It is a crisis which contributed to global chaos especially in the initial months. For most organisations, the first priority is to ensure employees are safe & supported.

What many didn't realise is that the whole episode took us through an interesting cycle of change management journey.

Companies were challenged to manage businesses in new-found ways. Short term challenges such as facing enormous changes to business plans, long term challenges as in having to adapt & continue to make progress on planned goals.

During this climate, some companies can be seen bouncing back stronger than others. Some teams struggled while others quickly reformed towards the new work norms. What really made the impact is the ability for companies & employees to acknowledge the impact caused by the crisis & the need for them to remain agile to the changes.

We all know that the only thing that would be constant is change, therefore learning & understanding how to manoeuvre during times like this is a key skill for everyone to have. To learn more about Change Management during Crisis, email us at:


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