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Can Bosses be friends with their staff?

Managers can (and should) be friendly with their employees. They should have regular conversations and get to know their team members. But they also need to set boundaries and ensure that the relationship stays professional. No matter how well you get along with employees, at the end of the day, you're still their boss.

So can bosses and employees work in a better situation? Below are some tips:

1. Be in tune with your emotions. Ensure you are friendly but in a professional way.

2. Treat your teams they way you treat your family or yourself.

3. Manage work and friendship separately, so your teams don't get confused with your expectations.

4. Maintain confidentiality, do not share other team members’s confidential information with others.

5. Be sensitive, be friendly to everyone equally, avoid being noticed as practising favouritism.

The manager-team member relationship can work wonders in terms of delivery, performance and motivation if practiced professionally.

To learn more about psychological safety and engagement culture at workplace, email:


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